Melaleuca spathulata – a lovely small shrub

Melaleuca spathulata is a upright small to medium shrub (can get to 1.5 m x 1.5m) with an abundance of pink flowers in spring. Originating from the sand plains and Jarrah forests of SW WA, it is not strictly speaking native to Mandurah, however it does do well here.

Like all melaleucas it responds well to a good prune after flowering: up to 1/3rd can be removed to keep it shapely and densely packed.

The small leaves are reasonably soft (so you won’t get prickled) and are a pleasing grey-green, so it looks good as part of a shrubbery even when it’s not in flower.

It is fairly slow growing and can take two or three years to start flowering. Due to its slow growth, surrounding plantings should be carefully chosen so as to not swamp the melaleuca at a young age. However, it’s well worth waiting for and seems hardy over the long term.

Highly recommended as part of a mixed shrubbery in a small garden.

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